Village of Red Hook, NY Welcomes You!

Below are some Rules & Regulations for your convenience: 

1.    You can purchase garbage stickers at the Village Hall for your garbage pick-up. Large tags (30 gal.) are $6 each and small tags (13 gal.) are $3 each.

Garbage & Recycling pick-up is every Monday morning, with the exception of national holidays.  Recycling is free with the purchase of Village garbage tags.  Recyclables must be separated, and pick-up will be according to the Quarterly Recycling Calendar.  Please do not over fill containers, and only use containers that have vents or holes to allow for drainage. Do not place recyclables in paper bags.

Garbage tags may also be purchased at Taste Budd’s Café & Mac’s Agway.

2.  Water bills are mailed quarterly - (December, March, June, September). 

3.  No burning of garbage or brush is permitted in the Village of Red Hook.  B-B-Q’s are     permitted.

4.  There is a leash law in the Village.  No dog is allowed off your property unless contained by a leash and pet waste must be discarded of respectfully by the owner.

5.  A Village snow ordinance is in effect from November 1st through March 31st.  During this time there is no street parking permitted between the hours of 11:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.  All residents must keep sidewalks clear of all snow, ice and debris. Please shovel all fire hydrants of snow and ice.

6.  Zoning is in effect.  Pools, decks, additions and any change of construction will require a building permit and Planning Board approval, if needed.  The Zoning Office is located at the Village Hall.  Office Hours are Monday – Wednesday – 11:00am – 4:00pm and by appointment for the Building Inspector.

7.  The Village of Red Hook Police Department is now dispatching through the New York State Police and the non-emergency contact number is 758-0060.  Please remember in an emergency to DIAL 911.

The Red Hook Police Department offers security checks to residents who are away from their home.  A security check form is available at the Village Hall and Red Hook Police Department.

8.  The Village Court is located at the Village Hall.  Court is held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Court Office Hours are Tuesday & Wednesdays 11-4:00pm (or by appointment).  The Village Justice is the Hon. Jonah Triebwasser; Deputy Court Clerk is Rebecca Kent & Court Clerk is Kathy Fell.  The Village Court office telephone number is: 845-758-4113.

9.  The Village of Red Hook brush and leaf pick-up each spring and fall. Pickups are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, permitting. See the Vibrant Village Post for details.

10.  The Village of Red Hook Highway Department is now located at 28 Glen Pond Drive.  The Village Highway Department telephone number is:  758-8600.

11.  The Village Hall Hours are Monday – Friday – 11:00am – 4:00pm, with the exception of Federal holidays.  At this time we are asking that all public continue to wear a mask upon entering the building until further notice.

12.  We require that any resident selling or moving from the Village please have your attorney notify the Village Hall for a final water reading. A request must be received in writing, 5-6 business days BEFORE the closing.  Our office must also be advised with the new owners name and address for future water billing mailings.

13.  There is NO tree pruning permitted in the Village right-of-ways.

14.  Residents interested in donating scrap metal can contact Highway Superintendent, Dan Streib, at 845-758-8600 or the Village Clerk’s Office at 845-758-1081 to arrange for pick-up.  All proceeds from the sale of scrap metal will be used to purchase equipment for the Village of Red Hook Highway and Waste Recovery Departments.

15.  With Spring approaching please consider composting in your own yard.  Household waste contains a lot of vegetable matter that can easily compost and be used around your plants and gardens.  Shop locally and buy an easy to use bin and help the planet.  Red Hook would like to move further toward Zero Waste, meaning most everything gets recycled.

16.  All Yard Sales require a permit. The fee is $5.00 and permits (with rules & regulations) can be obtained at the Village Hall or by calling 758-1081.  

17.   Please come and enjoy the festivities of two annual Red Hook events:  Apple Blossom Festival which is held on the Saturday of Mothers’ Day weekend and Hardscrabble Day which is held on the third Saturday in September.  Parades, vendors and activities that are fun for the whole family!

18.   Our Village Judge and Mayor can perform wedding ceremonies.  If you would like the Hon. Jonah Triebwasser or Mayor Karen Smythe to perform your wedding, please call the Village Hall on 758-1081.  For further details please go to: www.redhooknyvillage.org.

Office Staff can be reached Monday through Friday between 11:00am – 4:00pm.

Phone (845) 758-1081 | Fax (845) 758-5146 | Email: info@redhooknyvillage.org