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Village of Red Hook 2021-2022 Sewer Project

The Sewer Project

The construction of the public sewer system in the Village Sewer Use District, see map for location, will begin in November 2021. The General Contractor is Carver Construction. The Electrical Contractor is Sausto Contracting. 

There are three parts to the project plus electrical work throughout: 

  • a STEP system septic tank and pump
  • a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
  • The Forcemain System

The Forcemain System

The project will begin with the construction of the forcemain system. The forcemain system is the system of pipes connecting each septic tank and pump to the WWTP that will be located behind Red Hook Commons. 

Given the issues with supply and delivery, where Carver Construction will begin depends on what size pipe is available first. There will be a two-week schedule posted on each Friday once the project begins that will indicate the location of the work ahead. You can find the most recent two-week schedule here

The location of the forcemain on each property is indicated on the easement that was signed by each property owner for the project. 

Property owners will be notified in writing by the contractor prior to work being done at their property. 

STEP System Septic Tank and Pump

Each property in the sewer use district will have their septic tank replaced with a new STEP system tank and pump, sized according to use. Tank replacement will be the last phase of the project as the forcemain and WWTP need to be functional before septic tanks can be replaced. 

There will be no disruption in sewer service for property owners. 

Property owners will be notified in writing by the contractor prior to work being done on their property.

WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

A new WWTP is being constructed next to the existing WWTP that services Red Hook Commons. The plant needs to be up and running and connected to the forcemain before any new septic tanks can be installed.  WWTP construction will be ongoing throughout the project.

Electrical Work

The electrical work on this project includes the following:

  • installation of a pump control panel on the outside of the owner’s existing building, 
  • installation of a breaker(s) on the owner’s existing building electrical panel or a subpanel, 
  • providing electric power circuit(s) from the building electric panel(s) to the pump control panel and 
  • power and control wiring from the pump control panel to the effluent pump(s).  

Sausto Contracting will be performing the electrical work. Property owners will be contacted before any work is performed on their property. The breaker installation will require access inside the owner’s building. 

Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) System

The Village will be installing a STEP Sewer system in the established Sewer Use District. The STEP system utilizes septic tanks with effluent pumps to convey effluent (liquid) to a newly constructed WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located behind Red Hook Commons. The benefit to the STEP system is that primary treatment occurs in the individual septic tanks, saving that step at the WWTP.

The design of the project places the new septic tanks at the location of the existing septic tanks so changes to building plumbing or discharge locations are not needed. The project plans for new septic tanks at all properties except for Knollwood Commons since those tanks are new. The design plans indicate septic tank sizes and the need for grease traps, depending on the user. The sizing of the tanks is based upon the EDU count (equivalent dwelling unit). For the Village, based upon historic water use records, 1 EDU is equivalent to 150 gallons per day (gpd). The grease trap size is also based on flows and is consistent with the current grease trap sizes in use by the existing restaurants within the sewer district. 

Each STEP System pump connects to a small diameter lateral, which connects to the forcemain network within the Village. The forcemain network will consist of 2” to 6” diameter pipe. The forcemain system contains air relief valves at high points and cleanouts at regular intervals. 

A new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) will be constructed adjacent to the existing WWTP that services Red Hook Commons. The WWTP will contain biological treatment and secondary clarification, tertiary filtration, and UV disinfection. Discharge is to a tributary to the Sawkill river.

Emergency operations will generally occur during power outages and equipment failure. There are two backup generators to support emergency operations. 


Sewer service within the Village has been extensively studied since 2006. There are currently no public sewers in the Village. The need for this project is to protect the public water supply and water quality that is currently being impacted by substandard septic systems installed within the Village and promote economic development opportunities.

This project is limited to the newly defined Sewer Use District. See map.


The project costs consist of two main components: capital cost and operation & maintenance cost. The capital cost is the projected cost to build the proposed sewer service area. The operation & maintenance cost is the annual cost to keep the sewer district function on an ongoing basis. The costs are distributed by Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). 

Capital Cost: The actual capital cost for the total project is $6,311,118.00 after the NY State Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA) and Federal USDA Rural Development Water grants are deducted. Based on the funding package, the capital cost per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) is $716 per year.

Operation & Maintenance Cost: The projected first year annual operating costs for the sewer service area is $91,500. The costs include electricity for the WWTP, labor to operate the WWTP, septic tank sludge/WWTP sludge removal, laboratory analyses and other administrative costs. Based on the properties served, the first year O&M cost is $311 per EDU.

Hook up Cost: The hook up cost for each property in this project is part of the overall capital project. 

Future Connections: Future individual connections would be allowed to connect if sufficient capacity is available at the WWTP and approved by the Village Board. The new connections would pay a tapping fee in accordance with the Village’s sewer use law.

Project Financing: The actual capital cost for the project is $6,311,118.00 after the grants are deducted. In addition to the $925,000 NYS WIIA and $1.2 million USDA Rural Development Water grants received, the project has also obtained zero percent financing on the project from NYSEFC. 

Estimated First Year Annual Cost for a Typical Property: The typical property in the sewer area is a single-family residential property. The estimated first year cost per property is based on debt service plus operating and maintenance cost. Thus, the projected first year total cost is ($716 + $311) or $1,027 for a single-family home or property that uses 150 gallons per day (gpd). This will be billed quarterly on the same schedule as the water bills.

Contractor Contact information:

Carver Construction

494 Western Turnpike
Altamont, NY 12009
Phone 518.355.6034

Sausto Contracting

2 Cove Road
Rhinebeck,NY 12572
Phone (845) 876-8280
Emergencies(914) 403-7078
Fax (845) 876-6737

For more detailed information:

  1. Carver Construction

    Phone: (518) 355-6034

    494 Western Turnpike
    Altamont, NY 12009

  2. Sausto Contracting

    Phone: (845) 876-8280

    2 Cove Road
    Rhinebeck,NY 12572
    Emergencies phone (914) 403-7078
    Fax (845) 876-6737

  3. Gregg Stolarik

    Sewer Clerk