Mayor's Office

Karen Smith 2020

Mayor Karen Smythe 


Phone: (845) 758-4715

Interim Office Term: ends March 31th, 2023

Membership & Terms: The office of Red Hook Village Mayor is held for a four-year term.  

Interim Term: Mayor Ed Blundell retired as mayor on May 21, 2021. Because that occurred more than 75 days before the next village election (held the 3rd Tues in March) the Board of Trustees were required to vote in a Mayor who would hold the position in the interim. A special election will be held March 15, 2022 for the remaining year of Mayor Blundell’s elected term. 

Village Law §3-312  sets forth the procedure for filling vacancies that occur in village offices. Vacancies in elective or appointive offices that are not caused by expiration of the term of office are filled by the Mayor except that the board of trustees fills any vacancy in the office of the Mayor. 

… If the vacancy occurs in an elective office more than 75 days prior to the third Tuesday of the month preceding the end of the current official year, then the Mayoral appointment to fill the vacancy is for the balance of that official year, and if an unexpired term remains, a special election for the remainder of the term must be held that year.

Mayor’s Role & Responsibilities

As an elected official, the Mayor has a number of statutory powers by virtue of NYS Village Law §4-400 . The Mayor typically presides at the meetings of the board of trustees and in all instances the Mayor’s vote is counted as one vote and is equal to the vote of any trustee. In cases of a tie, the Mayor is mandated by law to vote. The Mayor of a village has no veto power over legislative action of the board.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the Village, as such she is responsible for all day to day operations. She is responsible for enforcing all laws, rules and regulations to cause all violations thereof to be prosecuted. 

The Mayor has the power to declare local emergencies and to engage the resources of the village when necessary to mitigate the loss of life or property during hazardous or emergency situations.