Septic Tank Safety

Home and business owners with septic systems should check the lids on all of the tanks to make sure that they are secure to keep people and animals from falling into them. Each year in the United States there are several accidents where either a child or an adult fall into a septic tank. Tragically, in June 2023, a 2-year-old drowned in a septic tank in Pleasant Valley, NY. All of these accidents are preventable.

Septic Death

For green lids on top of risers: Make sure all of the screws are fastened securely onto the lid (no vacant screw holes and all screws are grabbing the riser below).

For metal lids: Make sure that the lid and surrounding area is in good condition and the lid is seated securely within the access hole and flush with the collar’s lip.

If your property is part of the Village’s STEP sewer system, please contact the Sewer Department immediately if repairs are needed.