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Held: Courtroom, Village Hall, 7467 S. Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571

Traffic Court

 first Wednesday of the Month at 6 pm.

  • Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Village Justice
  • Hon. Thomas Mansfield, Associate Village Justice

Criminal Court, 

third Wednesday of the Month at 3 pm. 

  • Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, Village Justice
  • Hon. Thomas Mansfield, Associate Village Justice

Bringing a case in small claims court.

Small-Claims-Booklet-City-Justice-2018 (redhook.org)


Are there wedding bells in your future? Our Judges, Hon. Thomas Mansfield and Hon. Jonah Triebwasser, are available to officiate at your wedding. Please call (845) 758-4113 for further details. For More details view: Wedding information Sheet.

Justice Elections & Terms:

Village Justices are elected during Village elections (held the 3rd Tuesday in March) and are for 4 year terms.

Roles & Responsibilities:

About Village Court The Red Hook Village Court is one of 27 trial courts in Dutchess County, New York. This court has jurisdiction over vehicle and traffic matters, small claims, evictions, civil matters and criminal offenses. The court is located within the 9th Judicial District and the 2nd Judicial Department.

“Village Courts play a vital role in the New York State Unified Court System. These courts have broad jurisdiction and they hear both civil and criminal matters. On the civil side, Village Courts hear small claims proceedings for awards up to $3,000. These courts also handle landlord/tenant matters that may result in an eviction as well as a money judgment for back rent that is due.

Small claims proceedings are intended to provide a low-cost, simplified and informal procedure for individuals to resolve disputes involving limited monetary claims. Often individual litigants do not use an attorney in these matters and are not required to do so.

On the criminal side, these courts are authorized to handle matters involving the prosecution of misdemeanors and violations that are committed within the town's or village's geographic boundaries.

Village Courts also conduct arraignments and preliminary hearings in felony matters. In addition, these courts hear Vehicle and Traffic Law misdemeanors and traffic infractions.

Village Justices are required to be on-call 24 hours a day and are often called upon to arraign misdemeanor and felony charges as well as to act as Family Court judges when Family Court is not in session. In cases involving domestic violence, the judges are also authorized to issue orders of protection.” 

Source: nycourts.gov

  1. Justice Court

    Physical Address
    7467 S. Broadway
    Red Hook, NY 12571

    Mailing Address
    7467 S. Broadway
    Red Hook, NY 12571

    Fax: 845-758-1695

  2. Hon. Jonah Triebwasser

    Hon. Jonah Triebwasser

    Village Justice

    Hon. Jonah Triebwasser (Village Justice) brings over 50 years of experience to the bench as a police officer, investigator, attorney, prosecutor and judge. He is a graduate of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (A.A., 1971; B.S. 1972) and New York Law School (J.D. 1979), and is a member of:

    • Dutchess County Bar Association (Past-President)
    • Dutchess County Magistrates Association (Past-President)
    • New York State Bar Association (Member, House of Delegates)
    • New York State Magistrates Association (Past-President)

    He has lectured extensively on legal topics throughout the state and is the author of West Publishing’s Criminal Law Handbook (5th, 6th and 7th editions) as well as Magill’s Handbooks for Justice Courts.

    He has served as Town and Village Justice in Red Hook since 2007.

    Current term: 2019 to 2023

  3. Hon. Thomas Mansfield

    Hon. Thomas Mansfield

    Associate Village Justice

    Hon. Thomas Mansfield (Associate Village Justice) brings over 30 years of legal experience to the bench, having graduated from New York Law School in 1985 and being a member of the New York bar since 1986.  He started his career as a litigator with the New York City Law Department and is a founding member of the local law firm, Mansfield, Gautier & Rosenthal LLP. He has also previously served as a Dutchess County Legislator and on the staff of the New York State Senate. He is currently a member of:

    • Dutchess County Bar Association
    • New York State Bar Association
    • New York State Magistrates Association

    He has served as Town Justice in Red Hook since January 2019 and as Associate Village Justice since 2021.

    Current term: 2021 to 2022

  4. Kathy Fell

    Court Clerk

    Office Hours by appointment.

  5. Rebecca Kent

    Court Clerk

    Tuesday & Wednesday 11 AM - 4 PM and by appointment.