What to do when sewer service panel alarm is activated?
  1. Locate the service panel. The panel is located on a post or on an exterior wall of your building. The alarm sounds similar to a smoke alarm, making a high-pitched, buzzing sound. Depending on your box location, you may or may not be able to hear the alarm inside your home.
  2. Call Village Sewer Operator at 845-758-1081, option 8, immediately to report the alarm. Report the alarm ASAP to avoid an overflow of your system. If you don’t call, we don’t know the alarm is going off.
  3. Push the red-lit button only after notifying the Sewer Operator. This will silence the alarm. The red light will stay on as long as there is an alarm condition.
  4. Conserve water. After you call be sure to conserve water. Although the tank does have some reserve capacity, the capacity varies widely, depending on water usage. With minimized water usage, the tank typically has a reserve capacity of 12 to 24 hours. Curtail water use to prevent overflow of the holding tank and your building’s plumbing system. 
    • Take shorter showers 
    • Don't use the washing machine 
    • Minimizing toilet flushing

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1. What to do when sewer service panel alarm is activated?
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